Ever since Kim Kardashian had posted a picture on Instagram in a corset, the world has gone crazy. Everyone is thinking that this might be the way to achieve the body she has. When other celebrities also started using it, a lot of us wondered this is the easy way out. But the question is, is it?

The answer is, a waist trainer alone is not enough. Just like a proper diet without exercise and exercise without proper diet has never been enough, waist trainer without these two is not enough.

For the waist trainer to actually work, it needs to be combined with proper diet and exercise.

The best way is to follow a proper nutrition plan designed for your body, not the ones present in a book, but one suggested by a coach specifically for you. Also, one needs to train to increase their strength. Cardio alone is not going to do the job, rather you’ll need to lift weights, and go hard. And most of all, be consistent! In the diet, the exercise, and the waist trainer.

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