What is LukLuk?
This is a Media Player App on Android

– Supported G1 phone
– Streaming and SD Card Media(Video/Audio)
– Auto-update feature at onlie media list

How does LukLuk work?
When using the 3G mobile phone network or WIFI connection, LukLuk automatically update media content, and then touch the playback menu, and begin to play the selected media; Copy media file (Compatible media formats on phone) to the sdcard, LukLuk automatically search all the media files on sdcard.
Online Media Content
Film, Anime, MV, Sports, TV Series, Funny, Trailers, Net Radio…
Network connection is necessary?
Yes! Recommend the use of WIFI or 3G, at least the bandwidth is 300kbps (30k /s), please check you network speed.
Keeps displaying ‘Loading’?
Loading time is normally 30 seconds or less is normal, More than 30 seconds is usually caused by insufficient bandwidth
Contents of the meaning
Example: Just Married 1-2 [en]
Movie name: Just Married
Chapter: Total 2 Chapter
Audio Language : en
How to Play?
To play a specific media, press it on the touching screen, and the following menu will appear. Just select for media info or play.
I can download online Media?
No, Currently only support online play!
App Install or Upgrade failure
Please upgrade your Phone ROM to the latest!
Why do I own MP4 video file playback abnormal
Android support MP4 files are specific specifications.
Format: mp4  Codec: h.264  Frames: 23  Stream: 600kbps  Size: 480×320
Format: mp4  Codec: faac  Stream: 32-64kbps

Please search the professional encoding conversion tool