The latest advancements in technology are spellbinding and mind-blowing to say the least. We are stepping into an age where our kids can relish the pleasures of virtual reality and create their own personalized environment and customize it is as they please.

Here are some of the hottest trends in technology that will change the way we live in the future.

The rise of the Social robots

Humans are social beings. In this age, humans have become more and more emotionally distant and social interaction has become less and less. All humans like someone who appreciates them and can give them adequate time to cater to their emotional needs. Well, in the future, they’re going to have their very own social robot that is going to accomplish just that. Softbank has just released its first generation of these social robots that will change the course of human history. This revolutionary technology will bring a huge change in our society. Buddy, a social robot by blue frog robotics, a one of a kind social robot that is able to detect facial expressions has also been developed.


Self-driving cars

There are a lot of accidents that happen because of human error and rash driving. However, the era of self-driving cars will change that. Although the autonomous car technology is still being tested and has limitations, we can expect 20 million self-driving cars on the roads by 2025 according to a report.


Your devices will talk to each other

The communication between devices will change markedly. Many corporations are working out methods which will make machines able to talk to each other. Windows 10 has a feature which allows the users to stream the same games across multiple machines in the same network.


Bit coin, the International currency

The financial currency, Bit coin has been making waves in the financial world. It is expected to change the way financial institutions operate. Bit coin has its drawbacks but its advantages cannot be condoned either. The Bit coin technology is not only much faster but it’s also highly secure and can give us a global International currency that can be used anywhere.

Video gaming will expand its horizons

Video gaming is going to become a phenomenon. Crowds are going to flock into big arenas to watch superstar video gamers battle it out on giant screens. Video gaming is going to become just like any other popular sport like football or cricket and it will attract a huge audience. The nerds are finally going to get their way.

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